How To Utilise Facebook to Plan Your Event

Whether you are planning a Wedding, Party or Event, Facebook has become a great tool for you to utilise in your planning.

More and more service providers are realising that facebook is a great place to make a real connection with our clients. You can take advantage of this trend in so many ways, being able to access local and online businesses at a time that suits you.

Add Friends

A lot of service providers have a facebook profile so you can add them as friends, in which case their updates will be included on your home page, you can chat with them and message them.

As a friend service providers can quickly and easily refer you to other service providers. If you are chatting with your DJ and you still have not found a Make Up artist, they can quickly and easily send you a suggestion to a great make up artist they know. It is then up to you whether you choose to add them as a friend or not. So there is not pressure for you to get in touch.

And all this can be happening in your own time, at night, outside of your own work hours.

Become a Fan of Pages

If you have a service provider who has a Fan Page, become a Fan of their Page to be kept up to date with specials and offers as well as new products that the may have.

Testimonials vs Posts

Testimonials are important when choosing a service provider. Reading great testimonials on a website is a huge reassurance that your service provider has been providing great and memorable service to previous clients. Facebook can take this one step further, by checking out a provider’s profile, you can see actual posts from the clients themselves and can be assured that they are genuine feedback from real people, people that you can in fact try and contact if you need further reassurance.

Chat With Us

Don’t be scared to chat with us. We know where our offline button is, so if we are online, we are working, even if it is in the middle of the night. So take advantage of your service provider being available to you out of hours and in a casual format, and ask all those little questions that you’ve been wondering but never remember to call about during work hours.

Check Out Who Your Provider’s Are Fans Of

Browse the pages that your service providers are fans of. Most providers who are keeping their profile professional will be becoming fans of pages that are relevant to their industry and that they are interested by or they think is a good quality service. Have a look and you might find that little something you’ve been looking for.


A lot of service providers write blogs filled with free, helpful tips and advice, which they share on facebook, which can be great for finding ideas for your function. Become a fan of or add people who do regular blog posts so that you don’t miss anything.

Hope this helps you. If you think I can be of any help to you feel free to add, message or chat with me and scribble questions all over my wall! You can also get in touch with me the old fashioned way.

Happy Planning!

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