Just Engaged!!! How to get free honest expert advice on Reception Venues from Wedding Experts

By Alvin Kan, General Manager, Gosford Golf and Function Centre and Perfection Offsite Wedding Catering

Just got that rock on your finger and you’re busily running around searching out for reception venues. But who should you get advice from? Wedding Coordinators at the various venues you are interest in? By all means it is advisable to visit them but don’t lose site that they are biased and their aim is for you to have your wedding with them whether appropriate or not. They will highlight their strengths (and in some cases overstate them), whilst glaringly omit their weaknesses.

Some people ask advice from friend’s who attend a few wedding or friends who have just got married. This is great but these people are hardly experts, normally have consumed quite a few beverages on the night impairing their judgment and have not been to wide cross section of venues. Reception venues are one of the first suppliers that is engaged and booked. Is this right? Yes and No.

In the United States one of first people you book after getting engaged is a wedding planner. They have knowledge of service, capabilities, cost and facilities of many venues. They can tailor one to meet your needs. They may even have the priority on popular dates. In Australia however the wedding planner is nowhere near as popular. This can be down to cost (Australians see this as unnecessary cost, and in many cases it is) and also Australian Brides tend to have more control over their wedding whereas Americans quite often leave much of the control to the planners. As such Australian planners don’t do nearly as many wedding each week as their American counterparts and do not have as intimate knowledge of as many venues.

How then do you get the honest advice of wedding professional without incurring the cost? Wedding photographers, DJs (the good ones) and professional celebrant do 2-3 wedding each and every week, the average potential bride may attend 2-3 a Year!. Quite often these professionals are there for the ceremony and reception. They also do a multitude of different venues and observe the difference in service, set-up and decor and the quality of the food (as they are often fed at receptions), so can effectively pass comparisons.

So the answer to your information short fall may lie in seeking out photographers, celebrants and DJs before booking your reception venue and asking their advice on

What is the difference in service between “venue A” and “venue B”?

Why is “venue A” cheaper than “venue B””

Have tasted the food at “Venue A” and how does it compare to “venue C”

In your opinion which has the best coordinated wedding “A, B or C”

If you had to have your wedding again which venue would you choose and why

It is still advise to book both your Ceremony Venue and Reception Venue first as these should be foundations upon which to be building your perfect day but for your day to be perfect ensure that your foundations are correct. Change the order of investigation of your service providers and reap the benefits.

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