To MC or not to MC?

When couples are choosing their Wedding MC, I am very often asked ‘What does the MC even do?’ if you have been wondering much the same thing, read on.

Your MC (or Master of Ceremonies) plays an integral role throughout your reception. It is more than just about public speaking. Your MC is there, of course, to introduce speakers and announce your bridal waltz. But in addition to this it is your MC who ensures that your Wedding Reception runs smoothly.

The Face of Your Reception?

Your Wedding MC is the face of your Wedding Reception. She is the person that you, your guests, your venue and your service providers will all be dealing with. From your Entrance to your Farewell Circle and everything in between, she is the face and the voice that will be presenting those moments. So it is important that you choose someone with a freindly manner who you & your guests will be comfortable with.

They are also your buffer. If the caterer needs to know whether you are having speeches before or after dessert, or the photographer wants to know which direction the bride is going to be facing when they toss the bouquet, if they see that the MC has clear control of the event, they will take any questions or concerns to the MC before bothering the bride and groom with them. And it works in both directions, if you want to know why dinner hasn’t been served yet, you don’t need to go running out to the kitchen, kick back and relax and have your MC sort it out.

Choosing the right MC is an essential component of your planning. After having put all the hard work into your wedding, it is the final step in setting the Wedding Reception wheels in motion, so that you can finally relax, and just let it happen.

Time is of the Essence

One of the most important roles of the MC is ensuring that your event runs to time. It is vital that your MC has a good understanding of Wedding Receptions, for an experienced Wedding MC the format is second nature and she can liaise with your venue to ensure a seamless transition between each of the formalities. This means that your guests are able to enjoy a meal and the company of their table, minimising the time they are required to be quiet and attentive and maximising the time for fun and dancing.

It is always disappointing when the Bride & Grooms careful planning goes out the window when the MC doesn’t keep things moving. It can also be costly, I once had a couple who had to pay the DJ & Venue for an additional hour because the MC they chose left big breaks in between each formality and by the time the speeches were over, their time was up.

It is imperative that your MC understands the importance time plays in their role.

It’s the Little Things That Matter

The most important things your MC wil do during throughout your Wedding Reception, are the things you won’t even notice. Knowing where all the light switches are before the function so they can dim them during your Bridal Waltz, not letting your drunk cousin who’s girlfriend just left him borrow the microphone to sing you a love song dedication, helping the Maid of Honour finish writing her speech on time. Aligning the Bride’s chair so that when the Groom takes off her garter, your guests don’t see just a little bit more than they should!

At the end of the day, these are things you may never know your MC did. But it will make all the difference.

Professional vs Family Friend

The Professional MC

Will keep your reception running to time.

Knows all the little things to keep an eye on that will make all the difference to your wedding.

Has the experience necessary to not only react quickly to situations, but also anticipate your needs.

Will have worked with your venue & photographer before. Your Wedding will run smoothly with minimal communication necessary.

The Family Friend

Knows you both and can share some more personal stories.

Is someone you can be sure you and your guests are comfortable with.

Truth be told, it does not matter whether you choose a professional or a family friend as long as you comfortable with them, confident that they will keep to your timetable and feel good about leaving your wedding reception in their capable hands.

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