Karaoke for Venues

Karaoke, Central Coast, Newcastle, Hunter ValleyIf you are looking for something new to increase patronage to your venue, Overload Entertainment can tailor our fun and professional Karaoke Show to suit your unique needs.

Your venue will benefit from our professional Karaoke Hosts as they encourage your ‘locals’ to stick around & get involved, while attracting our own following of karaoke lovers to your venue.

We run an entertaining, fun and safe karaoke and our extensive experience in Central Coast venues means we can keep your karaoke running safely and smoothly even with the most exuberant crowd.

We can also liase with you on exciting promotions, competitions and campaigns to ensure that your Karaoke Show is always fresh and exciting to patrons. We also ensure good communication so that you always have good idea about how the entertainment is going in your venue and so we can act quickly on your feedback and ideas.

Call Melissa on 02 4341 7495 to discuss how we can help you with your venue.

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